General overview
Write From The Heart is a monthly microfiction competition. Entries are limited to 100 words on the nominated monthly theme. Generally, the call for entries will open early in the month on our website and social media and close at midnight on the last day. Winners will be announced around the middle of the next month, depending on how many entries we need to read. Winners will be announced on our website and social media.

How is my entry fee used?
Good question – 50% goes to the nominated charity, 40% into the prize pool and 10% we keep to make sure we can keep the comp alive.

How is the prize pool split up?
If we receive less then 100 entries then the winner takes all. If we receive over 100 entries we’ll share the love with the winner getting 70% of the total prize pool, 2nd 20% and 3rd gets 10% (jeepers, where’s my calculator). Winners can also choose to donate their loot to the month’s charity partner.

Who chooses the charity that receives the funds?
You do, well that is, the winner of the comp does.

Can you enter more than once?
Sure, why not?

Is there an age restriction?
Nope, everyone’s welcome.

I live overseas, can I enter?
Yes, the more the merrier.

How do I know how much we have raised for charity and how much is in the prize pool?
We will try update you all regularly on our facebook page (click the big ‘F’ at the bottom of the page to join.

Is there any particular format you need the entry in?
No, anyway you like, as long as we can read it, and you can send it via email.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

No problemo, just drop us an email at wfthmicrofictioncomp@gmail.com