Terms and conditions

By entering one of our monthly competitions you are bound by these terms and conditions.


The operator of the competition (Write from the heart) reserves the right to appoint the judge/judges of the competition. The judge/judges decision on the winners of each monthly competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into to justify the decision.

Prize details

The prize pool will be divided amongst the winning entries with 1st prize being 70% of the pool, 2nd 20% and 3rd 10%. The operator (Write from the heart) is under no obligation to provide details of the prize pool, or how it was calculated, other than to provide the final totals.

The winning entrant will also have the honour of choosing the following month’s charity partner.


Entries must be in English and legible. Entries using offensive language and racial vilification, homophobic themes or content intended to offend, will be disqualified and entry fee returned.

Free entry is permitted however, free entries are not entitled to any prize pool money, nor will they have the honor of choosing the next month’s charity partner.

Dates and times

The competition will start in the first week of the month with the deadline being the last day of the month at midnight. Winners will be announced the following month around the 2nd week.

Multiple entries and previously entered entries

You can enter the competition multiple times but must pay the entry fee for each, otherwise, your extra entries will be considered as entered for ‘Free’. Previously entered entries can be resubmitted. Winning entries cannot be resubmitted.

Disbursements of funds

Prize payments will be paid the day the winners are announced and so too will funds collected for the nominated charity. Most times this will be in the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.

The operator’s right

The operator reserves the right to change/modify/update these terms and conditions at any point in time.